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Being human we can sometimes be quite hard on ourselves, such as comparing ourselves to others and feeling like we are not doing enough, not as successful, and much more unhealthy thoughts. It is very easy to get caught up with social media when the content we scroll through fills our minds with gorgeous people living extravagant lives and leaving us to think ‘I want that’ etc. etc.  However, you need to remember we are all human, we all have our own story and we are more than good enough. There is only one you in this world and that is your power!

We’ve put together some actions to help you on your self-love journey!



Make a conscious effort each day to spend time for yourself, 20-30 mins is a good amount of time to start with. Spend this time doing something you love and makes you feel good.

Some of the things we like to do is,

Taking the pups for a walk, spending some time outside with nature, or putting our feet up with a refreshing face mask.

By making self-care a daily habit you will begin to find that you are more positive and productive! So be sure to take that time for yourself because you deserve it.



This is very important as it will help bring you inner peace. You should always stop and think about how blessed you are and be grateful for the life that you live! Because sometimes we forget to appreciate what we have, and we all know the saying “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”.



When you see someone else’s success, you only see the final product you never see the journey. You may be looking at years of hard work; you could be comparing your beginnings to their end. Things always look better from the outside than they do from the inside. People often put up a good front, making themselves look better to the world rather than show how they feel inside. Remember you are not the person you compare yourself to. You have different strengths and different weaknesses. We are all special and unique like we said, no one is you! 



We are heavily influenced by social media etc. to look a certain way and that can tend to make us lose touch on how we really feel and what feeling good really feels like, so you need to learn how to listen to your body and find out what our body wants and needs.

Educate yourself on what you put in, as well as, what you put on your body. Find food that makes you feel good on the inside and shines through, food that gives you the most energy to conquer your goals, and most importantly have fun with it! Hop onto Pinterest and explore the vast amount of healthy, creative, and indulgent recipes to motivate you to nourish your body.



This is so much easier said than done but it is so effective. Once you stop being your worst critic and become your biggest fan you will be radiating positive vibes!

Every morning just try telling yourself in the mirror, three things you love about yourself, out loud of course, or write them down if you’d like. Focus on your achievements and how far you have come and not how far you have to go, live in the present and love yourself.

Once you start to put yourself first everything else will align. Allow yourself to step back, relax, and enjoy your alone time, take a bubble bath and listen to a podcast, take yourself out for a meal, and you’ll be on your way to truly loving every aspect of YOU.

Now go on and enjoy the journey! And for those who are already livin’ n lovin’ in self-love city, encourage those who are struggling with loving themselves and share this blog with them to kick-start their journey.


TB xxxx

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